Inaugural Edition of Expect Success! eNewsletter

Hey there,

I’m Gray-Haired Granny and welcome to StoryTime Club!  Naw, just kiddin’…but that really IS the way I kick off my public readings.

I’m just so excited to have you here!  Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Expect Success! eNewsletter.

If you’re wondering why I came up with the name—Expect Success!—well that was pretty easy, and I’ll tell you about it in a moment.

But before I do, I want to chat with you a bit about how many people approach life.  There are many among us who figure, with a little luck, they’ll find or experience success at whatever they put their hand to.

Yet, is a person’s success in life based on luck or is it something else?

Yes, you know the definition of luck but let’s cite Webster’s anyway.  The dictionary says:  luck is the “seemingly chance happening of events which affect one.”

And in my humble opinion, no matter what you put your hand to—whether you’re successful at it or not—has absolutely nothing to do with that definition of luck.

Bruce Springsteen, the famous American rocker, once said, “When it comes to luck, you make your own.”  Then there’s the first century Roman philosopher, Lucius Seneca, who penned the words, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

Did you notice that both men—from two very different times—recognized the need for one common element?  They both understood action is required of a person to make things happen.

Henry Hartman once said success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.

I like that definition.  When we prepare our children with the right tools—teach them good, solid core values and then reinforce these—we empower them to be emotionally strong, loving, and caring children. 

And as opportunities present themselves in our children’s lives to exercise these wonderful traits, we as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and mentors, can expect a predictable outcome:


And THAT’S why I decided to name this eNewsletter, Expect Success!

Which is precisely what we’ll be exploring when we’re together—ways we can help our young ones expect success in life because we’ve given them the tools to be successful!

I’d really like to hear from you on ideas and strategies you’ve used to help your young ones.  Our children live in a very different world today than from when I was growing up (and it was hard enough back then).  What with the different forms of bullying (the Internet hadn’t even been conceived when I was a youngster), childhood obesity, and other concerns our young ones have, we’ll have plenty to talk about in the coming days.

So, again, please let me hear from you.  Let’s work together to help our children.  Then we can all…….

Expect Success!

Gray-Haired Granny

P.S.  Now, do our best efforts at child rearing always produce favorable results?  No, but when we consistently apply and work hard to promote good, solid values with our children then we can expect a predictable outcome.  Yes, that’s when we can …….

Expect Success!

2 Replies to “Inaugural Edition of Expect Success! eNewsletter”

  1. Great inspiration! As parents we not only need to teach our children this very important lesson, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves! Just what I needed today… and I will also be sure to make this a lesson today for my son.

    Lovin Life…

  2. Hey Chris,

    Really appreciate your kind words. They made my day!

    Take care, and as always…

    Expect Success!

    Gray-Haired Granny

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