Your Let’s Write! Assignment

Your Let’s Write! Assignment

“What are we going to write about today, Granny?” FIG and Bella say.

Gray-Haired Granny says Let's Write!“Hmmmm…,” Granny says as she rubs her chin.  “I’ve got it!  All our new friends can write a story about you, FIG and Bella!  The story can be about FIG being made fun of (bullied) at school because he’s a STICK kid.

Everyone can write what the bully does to you, FIG, to make you feel sad, and how they think you would handle being bullied.  They can even include Bella in the story―whether Bella helped you or not?  And, if they like, they can draw pictures to illustrate their stories!”

FIG and Bella shout, “Granny, that’s a GREAT idea!”

Okay, kids….LET’S WRITE!  Think how FIG and Bella would act if FIG was being bullied and write it down.  Remember, this is YOUR story.  When you’re through, show it to your teacher and have her send me your very best work!  I look forward to reading it!

fig, bella, zinger and zinna, stick kids

Here’s a great BIG Granny hug…….Mmmmmm―mmmmm―uuuuhhhhh!

Love much,

Gray-Haired Granny