To all K – 3rd Grade Teachers

To All Kindergarten-3rd Grade Teachers:

Does Having to Deal With Bullies…

  • And Their “Situations” Leave You Feeling Helpless and Frustrated?
  • Make You Feel More Like a Classroom Monitor Than a Teacher?
  • Disrupt Your School Day Stealing Precious Time From Teaching Your Core Competencies?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, read on to find out how you can regain your sanity and control of your classroom!

Dear Frustrated Teaching Professional,

I’m writing you today because I can only imagine what you’re up against—everyday giving your class the very best you’ve got only to have your efforts undermined by a classroom bully!  Yes, you know firsthand what bullying’s like and the terrible toll it takes on our youth.

Hey there, I’m Gray-Haired Granny.  I’m a teacher in the sense I mold and shape young minds, but I’m not credentialed like you.  Almost 4 decades ago,I did serve as an aide and substitute teacher, though.  And I saw PLENTY back then.  Unfortunately, instead of the bullying problem getting better, it’s worse today than it’s ever been!

For a child to learn in that kind of environment, well, let’s just say, it’s hard at best.  The fresh minds you’ve been entrusted to nurture need to be empowered, not humiliated and demeaned.  And because you’re spending valuable time trying to maintain order, your efforts to teach and exert a positive influence on these young ones often gets lost in the muddle.  Kind of takes the joy out of teaching, doesn’t it?

How Many Times Have You Played ‘The Principal Card’?

I know, out of sheer frustration you can play the principal card and send the student packing to the office.  But how effective has that strategy proven to be?  After a brief reprieve of calmness, the student marches right back to class only to pick up where s/he left off.  One of my educational consultants, a principal for many years, told me he spent fully half of each school day putting out fires just like this.

So, when this scenario is played out over and over again, don’t you think it’s time we headed back to the drawing board?  Our children are hearing reports of bullying and its effects everyday—headlines splashed across newspapers and magazines, on the early evening news, talk shows, and radio—the glaring details of children committing suicide because they couldn’t deal with the constant pain of being brutalized.  Perhaps some of your own students have been victims as well. You’ve been witness to the pain etched on their little faces, but you really haven’t known how to help.

Well, the TIME HAS come—it’s HERE and NOW—to address this horrible issue head on.  And the best time to take on this challenge is in kindergarten through 3rd grades because children are so impressionable then.   When bullying becomes a point of discussion in the safe environment of your classroom instead of being played out on the school grounds, you’re able to be proactive instead of having to perform damage control.  But, most importantly, you’re taking power away from the bully and putting it squarely where it belongs—with YOU.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could truly experience the pure joy of teaching again without having to worry about bullying and its repercussions?  Absolutely!!!  So, I’d like you to be the recipient of some tools I’ve put together to Help Stop Bullying Now!™  But before I reveal how you can get this innovative program for your class—at NO COST to you or your school district—let me tell you a little of how this came about in the first place.

Well, it all started back in 1978.  That’s when I wrote my first children’s book, Charlie The Dimpled Dragon.  It’s an extraordinarily uplifting educational tool that both entertains children and helps them understand the beauty of diversity and the power of acceptance.  In fact, Charlie The Dimpled Dragon serves as a catalyst to promote dialogue between adults and children about bullying. 

Since I chose to self-publish, figuring out how to put all the pieces together was no small undertaking.  Not to mention the time it took to find an illustrator willing to take on the challenge of bringing my characters to life.  By the time that took place, almost 3 decades had passed.  Yet, CTDD had an important message—one that needed a broad distribution in order to help the most children—and I wasn’t about to walk away from it.

Today, the book’s captivating text and appealing illustrations help children understand the importance of accepting others’ differences and being kind.  Children soon understand their words and actions can either hurt or heal others — and they learn with fun, high-impact activities they love to do

So Charlie The Dimpled Dragon is the cornerstone of Gray-Haired Granny’s Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit.™  27 books will be provided for your class (1 for you and 26 for your students).

Along with the books, you’ll receive a master CD allowing you easy and ready access to the other elements of the Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit.™  These include:

Charlie the Dimpled Dragon Book Cover

  • A comprehensive lesson plan and supplements developed by two talented members of my educational consultants’ team.  Together, they bring 83 years’ experience to the table, teaching in settings from pre-K to university.  Coupled with the book, the lesson plan will jump-start a dialogue about bullying between you and your students in a safe environment.

Coloring Page

  • Eight coloring pages you can use over and over.  These visuals help children understand that bullying hurts.  They can even draw a feature on some of the characters that’s uncommon to dragons.  This one little exercise gives kids their power back—it enables them to see it’s okay to be different.

No Bully Allowed Promise Certificate

  • The “BE A STAR   Take…Gray-Haired Granny’s NO BULLYING ALLOWED PROMISE” Certificate (suitable for framing ;-)).  When a child makes this promise, then fills out the certificate, they feel empowered to do their very best never to bully.


Why is Getting The Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit™ in Your Classroom SO Important?

  • Because by implementing this program, you’ll be able to get a dialogue going between you and your students about bullying, and
  • By getting bullying out in the open, children become empowered to talk about it.  So you’ll be helping them get their power back, and you’ll get yours back as well, plus
  • The students will be taught what are appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.  Many times, children just don’t know what’s acceptable and what’s not.  They need to be taught these important life skills just like they’d be taught how to add and subtract.

Granny, I’m Interested!  But How Do I Get My Tool Kit?

Well, it’s time to tell you about the huge task I’m undertaking here.  Granny’s starting a nationwide grassroots initiative to get the Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit™ in as many kindergarten through 3rd grade classes as possible.  Since school districts everywhere are grossly underfunded, I’m reaching out to the private sector—individuals, small business owners, and industry leaders—to sponsor classrooms all across the country. The value of the package is $300, but, again, neither you nor your school district will have to pay this.

So, here’s what you need to do right now.  If you’d like to receive this package, just raise your hand and let me know you want one.  Simply CLICK HERE and fill out this form.  It can’t get any easier than this.

I’ll maintain a list of all the teachers who want the program.  Once the sponsorships start pouring in, the packages will go out to teachers in the order in which they signed up.

But Granny’s not done yet!  If you know any individual, business, or group in your community who’d also like to help stop bullying now, ask them if they’d like to sponsor your class.  By doing this, you jump to the head of the line.  Those funds will be earmarked exclusively for YOUR Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit.™  Once we receive the funds, your program will be shipped to you in 3-5 business days.

And as a dedicated professional, you know what it’s like to buy your own classroom supplies.  So, as a reward for finding your own sponsor, I’m going to send you a classroom supply check of $50!  And because you’re a key player in your community, every sponsor you acquire for a classroom will garner you an additional $50 classroom supply check!

So, what are you waiting for?  CLICK HEREdownload, complete, then mail the simple form to Granny.  You know how bad bullying is, and now, at long last, YOU’LL be able to do something about it!

Expect success,

Gray-Haired Granny

P.S.  Imagine how liberating it’ll be to gain control and start teaching again when you HELP STOP BULLYING NOW!™.  And remember, it won’t cost you or your school district one red cent!

P.P.S.  If your PTA/PTO would like to help stop bullying now in your school, they can use our Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kits™ as a fundraiser.  Please download our flier and take it to your organization’s president.  Our contact info is on the bottom of the form. When we hear from them, we’ll be happy to provide more details.

P.P.P.S.  Every time you find a sponsor to HELP STOP BULLYING NOW!™, you’ll receive a $50 classroom supply check.

P.P.P.P.S.  So, go ahead and…