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Welcome to Kids’ Corner!

Gray-Haired Granny and her colorful coatGray-Haired Granny just loves surprises—I love to give them, and I love to get them.  This time, I’m giving YOU the surprise!

You see, I wanted to have a special place—just for you—on my website.  A place you can come anytime you like (as long as it’s okay with your parents) for fun things to see and do.

And you never know what you’ll discover on your special page—the fun things Granny’s got in store for you.  Why, I might read you a story or give you a few puzzles to do.

And, if you want to become an author like Gray-Haired Granny, then check out: Let’s Write! with FIG and Bella.

Remember, I created this just for YOU—it’s YOUR special place!  Come as often as you like and stay as long as you want.  But be sure to check back from time to time.  You never know when I might have another surprise for you!

Have fun and, as always, here’s a great BIG Granny hug!

Love much,

Gray-Haired Granny's initialsDownload Let's Write! Rules and Assignment                                                         Let’s Write! with FIG and Bella

 Gray-Haired Granny Reads,

“The Story of the Three Little Pigs…Revisited”

 Gray-Haired Granny Reads,

“Charlie The Dimpled Dragon, Part 1”

 Gray-Haired Granny Reads,

“Charlie The Dimpled Dragon, Part 2”

Activity Sheets

Click on any activity sheet you like.  It’ll open in a new window.  Okay, now print it out and have fun!

Match ‘Em Up! Instructions Match ‘Em Up! Sheet
Match 'Em Up Instructions  


Maze Crossword Puzzle Word Search
Maze activity sheet  Crossword Activity Sheet  

Coloring Pages

Just like you did with the activity sheets – click on the coloring page you want, and it’ll open in a new window.  Now print it out and have fun!


Dimpled Dragon Dollars

Hey kids, click on any Dimpled Dragon Dollar sheet you like.  It’ll open in a new window.  Print the sheet and ask your mom or dad to help you cut the DDD’s out.  You can use the larger ones for bookmarks and the smaller ones (12 to a sheet) for play money.  On the back of each DDD, you can write Bank of  Your Name Here.  Hope you have loads of fun with these!

4 Replies to “Kids’ Corner!”

  1. hello gray haired granny you came to my school fuqauy-varina elemarty school yesterday june 4th 2012 on monday i had the greatest time i love your chapter book please email me back. alyssa

  2. Hey Alyssa,

    I’m so glad you had a great time yesterday—I did, too! Thanks so much for your kind
    comment about my chapter book. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon. Then you’ll be able
    to read the WHOLE thing!!!

    Oh, and don’t forget to practice your writing this summer.

    Love much,

    Gray-Haired Granny

  3. Thanks so much for the books! The girls loved seeing you read Charlie The Dimpled Dragon. What a treat to meet you and for you to hug the girls in person. I really enjoyed the book and the message. Sophia is so excited about the coloring pages and Laran was so surprised to see the money sheets! I made a workbook out of all the worksheets and the girls are already busy at work. Kindest thoughts and warmth……….Your fans, Bettina, Elizabeth, and Sophia.

  4. Bettina, I enjoyed meeting you, Elizabeth, and Sophia as well. Please let me know about the girls’ progress. Even though Summer is almost here, we both know learning never stops. There are opportunities for learning that present themselves all around us—we just have to take advantage of them. You’re doing such a great job. Keep it up!!!

    Love much,

    Gray-Haired Granny

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