Parents, Help Stop Bullying Now!

Parents, You CAN Help Stop Bullying Now!

Your day starts normally. Those few minutes before the kids get up and you leave for work are all yours. You fall into your routine: Pick up the morning paper. Grab your coffee mug. Head for the easy chair. As you open the paper, the mug almost slips from your hand. You stare at the headline splashed across the front page:

Local Parent Boards School Bus—Threatens Daughter’s Bullies

You read on—your mouth gapes open. Then, your eyes settle on this quote:

“I wish kids would understand how much pain bullying and taunting causes other children.”

When you see those words in print, they look strangely familiar. Why? Because YOU said them.

Your life will never be the same. A report of this incident has been picked up by news agencies and will soon be broadcast nationwide—all because you wanted to protect and defend your daughter from bullies!

You didn’t create a firestorm of controversy—you just ignited it!

Dear Concerned Parent,

Unless you’re frustrated parent James Jones, this confrontation on the school bus never happened. But if you’ve got a school-aged child who’s experienced the merciless taunting of a bully, you can imagine the sheer agony Mr. Jones felt that warm September morning he boarded his daughter’s bus.

What is being done to stop the horrific bullying taking place both on and off school property that frustrated Mr. Jones to take action?

Yes, our children should feel safe at school. And, we should feel confident we’re sending our young ones off to an environment where they’ll be protected. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

But thankfully, some parents, schools, and caring members of our communities are doing something about this problem. They are doing it without boarding buses. And by taking a proactive stance, they are doing it before bullying even becomes a problem.

We’ve all heard the reports of children taking their lives because of unrelenting bullying. And of others who were bullied for years becoming bullies themselves. They’re the ones we heard about who let weapons speak their pain when they took revenge on their tormenters.

But, Who’s to Blame?

Many today are quick to blame the school systems. They say schools aren’t doing enough to protect our children. But when was the last time one of these finger-pointers went to a local school and observed what goes on in a typical classroom?

Do these individuals have any idea what our teachers are up against? Not only are they charged with educating our children, they must do so while trying to maintain order in the classroom. And it only takes ONE disruptive child to wreak havoc and spoil a teacher’s best laid plans. Can you possibly imagine how difficult and frustrating that is—not just for the teacher, but for the students who want to learn?

Needless to say, these dedicated professionals aren’t in it for the money. All across the country, school budgets have been slashed! Many of our teachers dig deep in their own pockets to buy basic classroom supplies. So, rather than point fingers, let’s see what we can do to support our teachers and…

Come Up With Good, Workable Solutions to Help Stop Bullying Now!

Hey, there, I’m Gray-Haired Granny, and like you, I’ve been frustrated about bullying myself, so I know how you feel. You want to do something about this horrible problem, but you don’t know where to start. That’s why I created the Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit™ to empower YOU to make a difference in your community.

This special tool kit is jam packed with fun things for children to do. It promotes dialogue about bullying between the teacher and students and the students among themselves. But it goes way beyond that.

Before I reveal everything about it, though, I want to tell you about WHO it’s designed for. You see, whenever I talk about bullying, I tell folks, “Children don’t come out of the womb as bullies—it’s a learned behavior!”

Yes, children are sponges. They soak up everything they see and hear. That’s how they learn. But they don’t just imitate the good. They mirror the bad as well. So when those closest to young ones—siblings, relatives, neighbors, even parents—display bullying behaviors in their presence, children act out those same behaviors later on.

Since children are much more impressionable and receptive to change when they’re younger, that’s when bullying should be properly addressed. We can’t afford to wait till a child reaches middle school to do so. By that time, bullying’s become an ingrained behavior.

That’s why the Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit™ was designed for our younger ones—for kindergarteners through third graders. Some children just don’t know what are appropriate behaviors and what aren’t. What’s acceptable and what’s not. They need to be taught these important life skills just like they’d be taught how to add and subtract.

That’s exactly what the Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit™does. It helps young children understand the beauty of diversity and the power of acceptance… the importance of accepting others’ differences… being kind… and showing respect. Children soon understand their words and actions can either hurt or heal others — and they learn with fun, high-impact activities they love to do.

I know how valuable this tool kit can be to our children, and, by extension, their families. So, I thought and thought about the best way to get it into the hands of others so the greatest number would benefit. And that’s where you come in. You see, I need your help.

A person doesn’t have to be big or loud to have a huge impact on others. They just have to CARE.

And, I know YOU care. When we team up against this serious problem, we can make real change in children’s lives. So, Gray-Haired Granny’s wants you to know…

Yes, You CAN Make a BIG Difference!

I’m inviting you to team up with me. Please join me in this massive undertaking—a nationwide grassroots initiative I’ve started to give everyone a voice, an opportunity, to help stop bullying now right where they live.

Perhaps you were bullied as a child.  When you think about the torment you endured, it still makes you cringe.  But, now, you’re in a position to help others.  Your taking action today, by sponsoring one or more classrooms with the Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit,™ can make a huge difference in many children’s lives.

If you’re a Mom in a mommy group, you’ve probably talked with your group about how bad bullying has gotten.  Naturally, you’re concerned for your child’s safety.  You, too, can be empowered to do something about this horrific issue when you join me.  Members of your mommy group can even pitch in together to sponsor one or more classrooms with the tool kit.  If any in the group has a child in grades K-3, you can honor that member by sponsoring her child’s class!

And since school budgets have been drastically cut, schools can receive this much needed tool without expending their own precious resources!

If you join me in this mission to bring kindness and civility into children’s lives, each classroom you sponsor will get a Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit™ containing:

Charlie the Dimpled Dragon Book Cover

  • 27 copies of my book, Charlie The Dimpled Dragon. This engaging picture book helps children understand the beauty of diversity and the power of acceptance. It serves as a catalyst promoting dialogue between the teacher and students about bullying. The captivating text and appealing illustrations help children understand the importance of accepting others’ differences, being kind, and showing respect.
  • A master CD for the teacher. This gives her ready access to the other elements of the Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit.™ These include:
  • A comprehensive lesson plan and supplements developed by two talented members of my educational consultants’ team. They bring a total of 83 years’ experience to the table, teaching in settings from pre-K to university.


  • Coloring PageEight coloring pages the teacher can use over and over. These visuals help children understand that bullying hurts. They can even draw a feature on some of the characters that’s uncommon to dragons. This one little exercise gives kids their power back—it enables them to see it’s okay to be different.

  • The “BE A STAR Take…Gray-Haired Granny’s NO BULLYING ALLOWED PROMISE” Certificate. The child makes this promise, then fills the certificate out. That child then feels empowered to do their very best never to bully.


But, Granny’s not done yet. It’s just $300 to sponsor a classroom (oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, FREE SHIPPING!)

After the children complete the program in school, they get to take Charlie The Dimpled Dragon home. What a wonderful keepsake for years to come!  CTDD even has a special feature that’ll help parents when they read it to their little ones.  So, for every class you sponsor, 26 children and their families reap the long-lasting benefits of the program.

And, if you don’t mind, I’d like you to place your label on each book so the children will know who gifted the program to their class.

This will provide the children an opportunity to show thankfulness—an important part of NOT becoming a bully.  And reading their thank you cards and letters will surely touch your heart!

So, what are you waiting for? Please, join me today. Click on the Help Stop Bullying Now! link below then simply select your level of sponsorship. Once you do, you’ll never sit on the sidelines thinking there’s nothing you can do about this horrible problem.

Yes, YOU CAN make a BIG difference in your community right now! Let’s work together to Help Stop Bullying Now!

Expect success!

Gray-Haired Granny

P.S. Our combined efforts are much greater than anything we could accomplish by ourselves! Yes, by working together, we can accomplish some amazing things.

P.P.S. Remember, for each classroom you sponsor, 26 children and their families will benefit right now and far into the future.

Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit™

Each classroom you sponsor is just $300 (FREE SHIPPING).

Every kit includes:

  • 27 Books plus
  • A Master CD for the teacher

Sponsor Multiple Classrooms and Extend Your Impact!

Sponsor several classrooms, and you’ll have the option to provide different delivery addresses after you complete your purchase.

  • When you sponsor 3 classrooms of your choice, you’ll be helping 78 youngsters and their families to Help Stop Bullying Now!™ Only $900.
  • 5 sponsored classrooms or 130 children and their families will benefit from your generosity as they learn to Help Stop Bullying Now!™ Just $1500.
  • And for $3000, 260 children and their families will be positively impacted by your sponsorship of 10 classrooms when you Help Stop Bullying Now!™

Charlie The Dimpled Dragon

Charlie The Dimpled Dragon is an engaging picture book that both entertains children and helps them understand the beauty of diversity and the power of acceptance.

It’s an extraordinarily uplifting educational tool that promotes dialogue between adults and children about bullying.  The captivating text and appealing illustrations help children understand the importance of accepting others’ differences, being kind, and showing respect.  They’ll soon realize words and actions can either hurt or heal.

A child may feel insecure because of a physical feature, but CTDD clearly broadcasts this uplifting message: “It’s not how you look on the outside, but what you are on the inside, that makes you special.”


Mr. Tootenspieler and His Fabulous, Ginormous One Man Band

Do your children seldom complete tasks because they think they’re too hard?  Mr. Tootenspieler to the rescue!  Read this captivating book with them then watch as they’re inspired to finish what they start.  Mr. Tootenspieler’s timeless message of perseverance and teamwork will make this a classic favorite of both the young and young at heart!

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