Let’s Write!

Gray-Haired Granny proudly presents…


Let’s Write!

Gray-Haired Granny says Let's Write!Yes, kids, let’s write, let’s draw….let’s get creative!!!

It’s time to roll up our sleeves, dust the cobwebs out of our minds, pick up a pencil or sit down at our keyboards, then—Let’s Write!

It’s actually very easy—in fact, anybody can do it!  And, no, you don’t have to be great at it to begin writing.  But you can BECOME a GREAT writer.

Now if you want to be good or great at something, hey, you gotta practice.  So, if you want to become a great writer, begin writing and practice, practice, practice.

Write about what you ate for lunch today.  Write about when you had the measles.  Write about how you felt when you rode the school bus this morning.  You get the idea—you can write about any and everything you did, plan on doing, or whatever’s on your mind.

And, kids, I gotta tell ya’, Granny has a BLAST when she writes.  Some of the stuff I write is so funny, I laugh till I almost cry—right while I’m writing it!  It’s such fun to create your own characters and scenes.  If you’ll just try, I bet you’ll LOVE writing as much as Granny does.  And one day—if you want to—you can become an author just like me!

So, want to join Granny and have some fun?  Then, let’s get started right away.  But before we begin, I want you to know, Granny’s got some rules.  Just click on this link to read the Let’s Write! rules.

Download Let's Write! Rules and Assignment

Or, you can download the rules and assignment here.

And, kids, this isn’t Mission Impossible—this’ll be fun, you’ll see.

Love much,

Gray-Haired Granny