The Let’s Write! Rules

The Let’s Write! Rules

Gray-Haired Granny says Let's Write!Now, kids, before we begin writing, I want you to know, Granny’s got some rules.  (I know, I know…rules, rules, rules!  But trust me on this, you’ll like these.)

  • Please write and illustrate your story using the characters, FIG and Bella.
  • Also, on the assignment page, please read the BOLD type.  That’s where you’ll discover what you’ll be writing about.
  • Do your best―that’s all Granny asks.  I promise, I won’t compare your writing to anyone else’s.  This is YOUR story!  As long as you do your best, I’m happy, and you should be, too!
  • Be sure to write your first name and the initial of your last name along with your age and grade on your story.  Then put the name of your school and state.  Thanks!
  • All submissions becomes the property of StoryTime Club, Inc. and will not be returned.

Do it like this: 

Jasmine T.
age 7, grade 1
Oakfield Elementary, NC

That wasn’t too painful, now was it?

Can’t wait to read your story!

Love much,

Gray-Haired Granny

P.S.  Every month, we’ll showcase a student’s story―one from each grade level―on GHG’s Blog!  Who knows?  We might put YOUR’S on Granny’s blog one day!

P.P.S.  But, before we go any further, come on over here and meet my friends, FIG and Bella!