Gray-Haired Granny – The Woman Behind the Writing

Gray-Haired Granny—
The Woman Behind the Writing

Gray-Haired Granny was born and raised in eastern North Carolina. As a child with wide-eyed wonder,  everything seemed to be a curiosity.  This interest in her surroundings led to explorations of many fields.

She loved aquatic sports and swam for a number of years on a community team.   One summer, she set out to accomplish a pretty big feat for a young girl—she and a brother swam across a very wide river near where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.  Such adventures and challenges have always been her hallmark and passion.

Exploring with childhood friends was loads of fun, too.  Whether it was sharing her first chemistry set or digging for fossils with them, her days were full of exciting things to do.  Her love of music fed into an interest in guitar with dreams of one day becoming a famous singer/songwriter.

Gray-Haired Granny Says Show RespectAnd if you knew Gray-Haired Granny when she was real-l-l-ly young (long before she was gray-haired and a granny), you’d have thought she was born with a bright yellow, No. 2 pencil perched behind her right ear.  She loved to write of her fantastical undertakings as a youngster.  As a high school senior, she served as editor of her school newspaper.  Today, because of Granny’s passion for children and love of writing, she creates books that go way beyond being entertaining.  Her books enrich the lives of children and their families as they read them together!

In 1978, she wrote her first book, Charlie The Dimpled Dragon.  When you become familiar with this beautifully executed book, you’ll get to know Gray-Haired Granny as a person.  She’s very tender hearted and has the special mission of reinforcing positive values and showing kindness and respect to all.

While personally experiencing episodes of ill will and bullying as a child, she continued to keep her eye on the higher road.  She’s always had a keen desire to positively impact others.   And those reading of Charles’ trials readily see Granny’s passion for making a difference.

Gray-Haired Granny Says Be KindGray-Haired Granny continues to follow her dream.  Both young and old alike are responding to the important message in Charlie The Dimpled Dragon.  So as you read the book, think about the kind of person you want to become.  Just as Gray-Haired Granny strives to make our communities better through her message to Help Stop Bullying Now!”, think about ways YOU can make a difference in the lives of others.