FIG and Bella

FIG and Bella

I created some characters that live at the bottom of my long purple coat. And, yes, I gave them names and personalities.  I even gave each of them a dog and named their dogs as well!

But before you begin your writing adventure, I want you to meet FIG and Bella along with their trusty dogs, Zinger and Zinnia.  Then, after you meet them, go on over to YOUR ASSIGNMENT to discover what you’ll be writing about.  So, go ahead, roll up your sleeves, start reading, and then―Let’s Write!

Ready to meet FIG and Bella? Great! I’ll let them introduce themselves.

Drumroll, please.  BA―DRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUMMMM―DUM!  Presenting…

Let’s Write! with Gray-Haired Granny and Friends

fig, bella, zinger and zinna, stick kids

With one great leap, FIG jumps onto my sleeve, then says, “Hey, there. I’m Franklin Inglebert Gordon.  I’m 7 years old, and I’m a STICK kid.  My parents named me after the great inventor, Benjamin Franklin, because they like to invent things, too.  I’m Inglebert with an ‘I’ after my great, great, great uncle.  They wanted me to have that name since they thought it was just so cool.  And to top it off, my last name is Gordon.  Now, putting these names together is real―ly long, so they always call me ‘FIG.’  You can call me, FIG, too.

“Oh, and I can’t forget my super dog named Zinger.  I taught him lots and lots of tricks. We live happily on Gray-Haired Granny’s long purple coat.  Yes, that’s where you’ll find us STICKS.”

Bella carefully climbs up my purple coat.  When she spots FIG on my sleeve, she quickly runs over to him, turns, and says, “Hey everybody, I’m Isabella Gunnison.  I’m six years old, and I’m a stick kid, too.  ‘Bout everybody I know calls me ‘Bella’ for short.  I don’t mind it at all…I think it’s kinda cute, just like me.

“I live next to FIG.  We’re best friends.  Folks say we’re like two peas in a pod.  Where you see one of us, you’ll most likely see the other.  I have a dog named Zinnia.  She’s Zinger’s sister.”

FIG adds, “Hey, why don’t you come along with us?  Let’s see what Gray-Haired Granny has on her mind.  She’s always doing something fun, no matter what the time.”

“And if we tag along with her, she’ll show us a REAL good time!” says Bella.  “Wanna come?”

Granny says, “Well, I reckon since all the introductions are out of the way, we should  start writing.  Now, don’t forget – go on over to YOUR ASSIGNMENT to discover what you’ll be writing about!”