Gray-Haired Granny loves working with children.  She inspires them to be the best they can be by reinforcing positive values and promoting literacy.  She’s also a tireless advocate of our hard working teachers who spur our young ones to new heights.

But, please, read on to see what they and others are saying about this dynamo and her books!

“From the moment Gray-Haired Granny walked in my room, she captivated my students.  Their eyes were glued on an energetic woman as she danced around the room, read several stories, and answered their questions.  She explained what she did to publish her books and shared aspects of the printing process.  Her memorable stories have an underlying theme for children of all ages.  If you want your students excited and pumped up about writing, then have Gray-Haired Granny visit your class today!” -Linda Cole, 4th grade teacher, Wake Co. School District, NC

“Gray-Haired Granny (GHG) is very, very energetic.  She makes everyone feel good.  She sets a mood that’s almost indescribable.  She’s also very gifted in writing.  She’s descriptive.  GHG is a great fun person, and I recommend that most people meet her.”  – Rheese, FVES

“Gray-Haired Granny is a wonderful writer for children with a new book about Mike Mega—a really fat kid who learns a big lesson in a big way.  He finds out that eating garbage—not real—(even though it’s delicious) isn’t really the best.  GHG goes under kids’ radar so the kids don’t know that they’re being taught a lesson.  She is very energetic, very detailed, and creative.  Her energy is contagious.  WARNING:  Gray-Haired Granny’s energy is very contagious.”  – Abdiel M., FVES

“I think GHG has a lot of energy.  She also writes very, very detailed.  You feel like you’re right there watching from the sidelines.  I believe that many children will like her new book a lot.  GHG is good at teaching lessons without the kids reading it knowing.  She always has a lesson worth learning hidden in her books, or it seems like it.”  – Grace W., Fuquay-Varina Elementary School, Fuquay-Varina, NC

“Gray-Haired Granny is a writer who made me think.  I learned new things from what she taught me.  GHG has a lot of energy.  She is fun to talk to and have fun with in a learning way.

The stories that she reads to us make me feel that I’m actually in it.  She puts a lot of details in her stories so it makes the whole story fun.  She also brings in stuff from her workshop.  Everything she brings in is kind of cool.”  – Trey B., Fuquay-Varina Elementary School

“Gray-Haired Granny is funny in a nice way.  I liked when she read us those two books.  Those taught me lessons.  Like when GHG read about Mike Mega.  I started to not eat a lot of junk food.  GHG inspired me a lot, and how she published books and writes the books.

GHG taught me a lot of things.  Maybe when I grow up I might want to be an author and a publisher.   GHG, I’m thanking you for all the hard work you do for this state.  I can tell GHG is very energetic.  I hope she doesn’t stop doing what she thinks.  GHG will always inspire me.”  – Dynasty M., FVES

“I did like Gray-Haired Granny because she was creative and full of energy.  GHG made me see how hard publishing really was.  She showed us how to write in a different way, too.  Her books are full of detail, and I wanted her to read on.

She told us the steps of publishing and some tips on how to recognize her books.  GHG is a fun loving, energetic character that loves to write.”  – Bella W., Fuquay-Varina Elementary School, Fuquay-Varina, NC

“I think Gray-Haired Granny is very energetic and is good with kids.  Also, when she read me her book, I thought she was very detailed and it was very easy to visualize.  I also think she over exaggerates in a good way to persuade children the lesson or moral of the story.  GHG is a good author for chapter books and children’s books.  I think Gray-Haired Granny is very good for kids k-6.  She was fantastic and entertaining!!!”  – Jaylyn, Fuquay-Varina Elementary School, Fuquay-Varina, NC

“Gray-Haired Granny has the ability to engage and motivate her audience regardless of their ages. I have witnessed first, third and fourth graders along with their teachers mesmerized by her energy and enthusiasm. Based on the subjects of her books, it is apparent that she cares about children’s social and academic growth. She tackles difficult subjects with grace and humor. In her presentations, she reiterates the steps of the writing process which the students have heard within the walls of their own classrooms. She models how to captivate a reader’s attention. Most importantly, she leaves her mark on the students. After her presentation, I would overhear my students utilize her criteria by stating, “I am working on this paper so it will be ‘through the roof’!'” I had the privilege of speaking with Gray-Haired Granny, and it is apparent this is more than a job for her – it is a mission which she has embraced!” – Leigh Ann Massengill, M.Ed.
NBCT – Literacy: Reading and Language Arts
Third Grade Teacher
Fuquay-Varina Elementary School, Wake County Public Schools

“Gray-Haired Granny recently traveled to Washington, NC, to appear during the May Music in the Streets event, a monthly downtown music fest.  Granny was a hit with the young and old alike.  For her two performances, the rug where the children sat was constantly full!  Granny did not just read the book; she lived it, throwing herself into the character.  She interacted with the children, danced and read with great passion.  I would recommend inviting Granny to any event where children (even as young as two) would enjoy hearing a book come to life.” -Lisa Woolard, Executive Director, Beaufort/Hyde Partnership for Children, Washington, NC

Dear Gray-Haired Granny,

My great grandma, Benora brought me the book CHARLIE THE DIMPLED DRAGON today. I enjoyed the book.  I think you inspire kids like me to be nice.  The way you made the other dragons apologize was very inspiring.

Your friend,

“I like the part when the baby had dimples because that shows Charles is not alone.  And I love this book because I have the same problem, I’m the smallest person in the class and they think of me as useless, weak, and stupid.  But I think of myself as careful, smart, useful, and sweet. 

“And don’t try to fight back, just say ‘that’s not true or I like the way I am.’  I especially like this book because it has a great moral for friends who have changed nice to mean.  And Charles forgave them.  That’s another moral for us to learn.  I think we should all be nice to others.” -Carlie P., Wake Forest, NC

Dear Gray-Haired Granny,

Thank you for donating your marvelous book, Charlie The Dimpled Dragon!  It is a beautifully written and illustrated book that shares an important message for children and their families.

The Roxobel Kelford Library appreciates your generous support and would love for you to do a program for us.

Lisa B., Roxobel, NC

Thanks again for StoryTime.  Wonderful book, and can’t wait to see the next one.

Paul G., Raleigh, NC

I enjoyed this book so much.  It teaches a good lesson on forgiveness – we should forgive others for their mistakes.  Every difference is what makes you unique.

Hannah C., age 10, Benson, NC




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