Calling All Caring Folks Who Want to Make a Difference in Their Community

For Immediate Release

Willow Spring, NC — October 27, 2011 — Gray-Haired Granny announced today that her novel approach to Help Stop Bullying Now!™ puts caring folks clearly in the driver’s seat.

“People everywhere are sick about bullying—the toll it takes on our children and their families affects entire communities,” says Granny. “They want to do something about this horrible problem, but most folks just don’t know how.”

Granny continues, “A person doesn’t have to be big or loud to have a huge impact on others. They just have to CARE. There are so many caring people—if given an opportunity—who’ll step up to the plate and help out. When we team up and take a proactive stance against bullying, we can make real change in children’s lives. Each person can have a voice and finally be able to make a difference—to help stop bullying now—right in the community where they live.”

Individuals, small business owners, and industry leaders can give back to their communities by sponsoring K-3rd grade classrooms with the Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit.™ And when community sponsors are paired with classrooms, cash-strapped school systems don’t have to dig into their own budgets to pay for this much needed resource.

“When children are young, they’re more impressionable and receptive to change. That’s why a proactive approach to bullying is needed rather than to perform damage control after the fact,” says Granny. “My Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit™ helps children understand the beauty of diversity and the power of acceptance. Young ones learn what are appropriate behaviors and what aren’t.”

Caring folks can get involved by sponsoring K-3 classroom/s in their communities. When they do:

  • They’ll be taking a proactive stance and addressing bullying before it becomes an ingrained behavior in our young ones.
  • They’ll be giving back to the communities where they live and serve to help stop bullying now.
  • They’ll be providing valuable resources to cash-strapped school systems.

For more information about how caring folks can Help Stop Bullying Now!™ in their communities, please visit or call 1-919-275-4678.

About StoryTime Club™

Formed in 2008, StoryTime Club, Inc., publishes books and tools specifically crafted to reinforce positive values for a ‘happier ever after’ Our mission is to support parents and educators who work hard to instill good, solid principles and values in their children/students. We do this by offering wholesome tools that’ll have a positive impact on children. For more information about StoryTime ClubTM, please visit the or call 1-919-275-4678.

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