Gray-Haired Granny Relaunches StoryTime Club Website


Site focuses on grades K-3 to Help Stop Bullying Now!™

Willow Spring, NC — October, 11, 2011 — Gray-Haired Granny announced today she’s relaunched her website,

“I can’t think of a more appropriate time to relaunch the site as October is National Anti-Bullying Month,” says founder and president of StoryTime Club, Inc., Jean Millard.  “The site is now laser-focused to empower the private sector to help our young ones to stop bullying.”

Millard continues, “So much attention’s been placed on dealing with the bullying problem AFTER it occurs.  But I believe we need to take a proactive approach and teach our children when they’re most impressionable.  They need to be taught what are appropriate behaviors and what aren’t—what’s acceptable and what’s not.  These are important life skills that our children should be taught just like they’re taught how to add and subtract.”

The StoryTime Club™ website is unique.  It:

  • Offers Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kits™ to benefit grades K-3.  This allows teachers to take a proactive stance and address bullying BEFORE it becomes an ingrained behavior.
  • Empowers individuals, small business owners, and industry leaders to make a difference in the communities where they live and serve to Help Stop Bullying Now!™
  • Helps ease the burden of financially-strapped school systems.  When classrooms are sponsored, the students receive much needed resources to Help Stop Bullying Now!™

The relaunch of the website kicks off a nationwide grassroots initiative to Help Stop Bullying Now!™Folks all across the country will be empowered to make a difference—to help stop bullying now—right in their own communities.

About StoryTime Club™

Formed in 2008, StoryTime Club, Inc., publishes books and tools specifically crafted to reinforce positive values for a ‘happier ever after’.™  Our mission is to support parents and educators who work hard to instill good, solid principles and values in their children/students.  We do this by offering wholesome tools that’ll have a positive impact on children.  For more information about StoryTime Club,™ please visit , call 1-919-275-4678, or email



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