Gray-Haired Granny Makes Guest Appearance on the My Carolina Today Show

I’ll never forget 11/11/11. That’s the blustery Friday morning I drove over to the NBC 17 Studios. The cold, piercing wind seemed to blow right through me. Were they ever going to let me, Gray-Haired Granny, in the building? Well, thankfully, I finally realized that little buzz I kept hearing was actually the receptionist telling me to ‘open the door!’

Whew!!!  Was I ever glad to get out of that wind! After a brief wait, a nice young lady ushered me back to the studio. And right there, sitting pretty as a picture, were the co-hosts of My Carolina Today Show, Valonda Calloway and Sharon Delaney.

For the next few minutes, the three of us sat and chatted about the huge problem of bullying. We talked about how we need to teach our children to show kindness and respect to others and that being different is okay. You can see our conversation as it aired here:

But not only should parents teach this, these valuable life lessons can also be taught in the classroom as well. And Gray-Haired Granny made this easier than ever to do. Every single one of us can make a BIG difference in our communities by sponsoring one or more classrooms with the Help Stop Bullying Tool Kit!

This tool kit is designed for grades K-3. It helps children understand the difference between acceptable behaviors and unacceptable ones. Children soon learn their words and actions can either hurt or heal others. And by teaching children when they’re young, we’re taking a proactive approach to bullying rather than performing damage control after the fact.

But like all good things do, my visit with Valonda and Sharon came to an end too quickly. Due to time constraints, there was so much left unsaid. I wanted to talk about how anyone—from individuals, small businesses, corporations, mommy groups, PTAs/PTOs, and civic groups—can give back to their respective communities by sponsoring classrooms with the Help Stop Bullying Tool Kit!™

If bullying upsets you like it does me, sponsoring classrooms with the tool kit will empower you to make a BIG difference in children’s lives, and, by extension, their families, too. Yes, by working together, we can Help Stop Bullying Now!™

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