Dr. P.K. Vyas Does It Again!

Dr. P.K. Vyas and Paulette Kennison of Eastern Carolina Medical Center in Benson have done it again!  They continue to give back to the communities where they live and serve.

This time, they’re doing their part to “Help Stop Bullying Now!” for all the 2nd graders at North Harnett Primary School in Angier.

Recently, Dr. Vyas welcomed Gray-Haired Granny as his new patient.  Upon hearing she’d soon be rolling out her nationwide grassroots campaign to “Help Stop Bullying Now!,” Dr. Vyas was intrigued.  “This is just the kind of thing we like to participate in,” he said.  “Be sure to see our office manager before you leave today.”

But tracking down the center’s ever busy office manager, Paulette Kennison, was easier said than done.  When she was finally located, and after hearing the details of Granny’s program, Paulette swung into action.  She immediately called North Harnett Primary School to ask how many 2nd grade classes they have.

Turning to Granny she said, “We’re going to sponsor all 6 2nd grade classrooms!”

And on Wednesday, April 20, all those 2nd graders and the SCMC students were treated by Granny to a spirited reading of her book, “Charlie The Dimpled Dragon.”  This book, coupled with a master CD, make up Gray-Haired Granny’s “Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit.™”  Designed to promote dialogue between teachers and their students about bullying, it teaches them what are acceptable behaviors and what aren’t.

Gray-Haired Granny believes reaching younger children (kindergarten – 3rd grades) will help prevent bullying from becoming an engrained behavior.

Mrs. Lauren Cappola, the school’s guidance counselor agrees.  And regarding the impact she’s seen on children being bullied, she noted, “It makes them have low self-esteem and affects them emotionally.  This, in turn, results in poor performance at school.  Sometimes, the children don’t even want to come to school.  Oftentimes the bullied end up being bullies themselves if bullying’s not stopped soon enough!

So, we’re really excited to have the ‘Help Stop Bullying Now! Tool Kit’ at North Harnett Primary School!”

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